Taylor drilling van

Taylor Drilling also offer the following services:

  • Borehole Monitoring Data Logging.
  • Geophysical surveys / resitivity and resistance testing to ascertain ground conditions for both solid and drift formations.

Through the British Geological Society we commission reports for the following:

  • Borehole Prognosis reports – volume and quality
  • Nearest Borehole records to any specific UK location
  • Drilling supervisory consultancy
  • Ground source heat pump feasibility and performance reports for a specific location

Taylor Drilling were recommended to me after the company I was using abandoned the project when they hit difficult geology, Taylor Drilling not only supplied a geophysical survey of the area to establish the geology they gave me a sound business proposal which gave me the confidence to invest and they brought my well in on time and to budget. Thank you Taylor Drilling!

G. Swaine - Powys


Taylor Drilling for Waterwell Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Borehole Monitoring, Data Logging, Geophysical Surveys, Resitivity and Resistance Testing -Company based in Aiketgate, Cumbria, UK


Waterwell drilling

We provide water well installations tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client. Taylor Drilling can offer a complete water well installation service, we cover all aspects of borehole design, drilling, ground work and pump installation giving you a limitless supply of clean water for your business or home.


Borehole refurb

Our engineers are trained and experienced in borehole pump replacement and will lift the pump and repair or replace with a new one enabling your borehole to be fully operational again.



Geophysical survey is a cost-effective, non-intrusive and relatively quick way of detecting and assessing sub-surface features. Our geophysical survey service  We offer a range of geophysical techniques, which can be employed individually or together depending on site specific factors.


Boode waterwell systems